Thursday, November 1, 2012

Original Twilight inspired ornaments by In the Violet Hour to be part of the Twilight Christmas basket

Austin TwilightMoms would like to thank Anita, owner of the Etsy shop In the Violet Hour, for providing three amazing ornaments for inclusion in the 'A Twilight Christmas' basket.
Ms. Anita is a Twilight fan from just outside Detriot. Ask her to choose her favorite book or movie from the Twilight and she just can't decide. Each one is entirely too special to her (I agree!!)! Ms. Anita has read all the books, seen all the movies, and has even attended a Twilight convention in Seattle. While in the area, she made the trip that so many of us wish we could- to Forks!
Ms Anita has been crafting for as long as she can remember, her first medium being Play-Doh! After learning to knit on a round loom and then moving on to decoupage and jewelry making, she took the plunge In the Violet Hour about a year ago. In the Violet Hour is sells custom jewelry including Tree of Life pendants, and her current collection of Twilight inspired ornaments.

Ms. Anita is offering a special discount code to In the Violet Hour vaild until November 23rd, 2012. You'll receive 20% off your purchase when you mention TWIHARD20 at checkout.
Please visit In the Violet Hour on Etsy and show Ms. Anita your love!


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