Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Green Tea Bookworks, maker of Bella's New Moon scrapbook, donates to the ALSF fundraiser

Green Tea Bookworks has generously contributed a large 'Bella's Scapbook" into the ALSF raffle basket aptly named, "Bella's Scrapbook".
 The album features a black Italian bookcloth, grosgrain ribbon binding and a stunning marbled cover in red and green. The album is approximately 14.75 x 10.5 inches and contains 25 black, linen-finish leaves (50 pages). The pages have a slight, luminous sheen and resist smudges and marks. Use a gel pen to add notes and commentary to photos.
Ms. Bernice at Green Tea Bookworks was commissioned to create the official  Bella's Birthday Scrapbook as seen in New Moon. She has over 10 years of design and hand bookbinding experience as well as a background in academic libraries. Ms. Berince loves paper and books.
In February 2009, Ms Bernice was contacted by the New Moon prop master which was filming in Vancouver near Green Tea Bookworks studios.  Ms. Bernice was asked to share two of her hand bound scrapbooks, a red/black version and a blue/green version, for consideration for New Moon. Once the blue color pallet was selected Green Tea Bookworks then designed a scrapbook with custom measurements and removable pages just in time for New Moon to begin filming.
Ms. Bernice offers the "Bella's Scrapbook" for sale on her Etsy site in both blue/green and red/black versions. It is available in two sizes- large, as shown in New Moon, and a smaller size.
While 'Bella' uses regular scotch tape to secure a photo of 'Edward' into the scrapbook, and he is subsequently able to remove it without damaging the pages, use of proper archival papers and adhesives is suggested!
Green Tea Bookworks offers  handcrafted books, albums, journals, sketchbooks, guestbooks, scrapbooks, boxes, portfolios, bookmarks and other literary accessories. Ms. Bernice also welcomes custom orders.
Please visit Ms. Bernice at www.greenteabookworks.com for more information. Orders can also be placed though the Green Tea Bookworkd Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/GreenTeaBookworks

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