Monday, October 15, 2012

'REAL VAMPIRES' author Gerry Bartlett contributes novels and B&N gift card for ALSF fundraiser

Austin TwilightMoms would like to thank author Gerry Bartlett for contributing books from her ‘REAL VAMPIRES’ paranormal romance series featuring ‘Glory St. Clair‘. Ms. Bartlett is a native Texan who earned her teaching degree at the University of Texas in Austin. She often returns to the area for visits with her younger brother and family who still live in town.
Austin also happens to be the setting for the ’REAL VAMPIRES’ series. ‘REAL VAMPIRES’ currently includes eight books with book nine, ‘REAL VAMPIRES KNOW HIPS HAPPEN’, due out in March 2013 and book 10, ‘REAL VAMPIRES THINK SIZE MATTERS‘, December 2013. Each of the books in the ’REAL VAMPIRES’ series have been on national best sellers lists and the first three have been translated for German readers.
Ms. Bartlett has a street team for spreading the ‘Glory St. Clair’ love, a blog too see what she’s up to, a web site, and three Facebook Fan pages, where you can have fun submitting your dream ‘REAL VAMPIRES’ cast nominees. Ms. Bartlett also maintains a newsletter for keeping up on ‘REAL VAMPIRES’ news. Everyone who joins gets a sneak peek at the newest book and is registered for giveaways.
As if all this wasn’t enough (!) Ms. Bartlett offers up advice via links to aspiring writer's on what it’s REALLY like in the world of publishing.
You can win the ‘REAL VAMPIRES’  books (and a Barnes and Noble gift card from Ms. Bartlett) by purchasing raffle tickets for one of the adult book baskets at the Austin TwilightMoms Breaking Dawn part 2 event on November 15th.
REAL VAMPIRES’ novels can be ordered at a variety of online stores. Please visit Ms. Bartlett and the world of ’Glory St. Clair’ at one of these links.

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  1. Wow! Very generous of Ms. Bartlett. Thank you Austin TMs for all your hard work. As always your events ROCK!