Friday, September 28, 2012

Author Russ Hall donates copies of South Austin Vampire to ALSF fundraiser

Mystery author Russ Hall has a wandering, adventuresome spirit. Mr. Hall was born in Colorado, raised in Ohio, but his travels have taken him all over the country. He's lived and studied in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida before finally finding home in the central Texas town of Lago Vista.

Mr. Hall is also a generous man. He has contributed two hard back copies of his novel, South Austin Vampire, to the Austin TwilightMoms ALSF fundraiser at the BD2 premiere event.

South Austin Vampire is the second novel in the Blue Eyed Indian Mystery series featuring detective Travis Treegrow. Travis has been hired to find out what's distressing nightclub singer Lola Pilloccherosi only for her to be discovered dead within the week, bloodless and two puncture marks on her neck.
South Austin Vampire has Travis searching the streets of the 'Live Music Capital of the World', name dropping Austin landmarks, searching for answers regarding Ms. Pilloccherosi's death. He soon finds himself face to face with some of the city's more sinister residents including a 'vampire cult leader' with involvement in both the local drug scene and human trafficking ring.

Russ Hall has written numerous mystery novels, young adult novels, and also poetry. Mr. Hall is a frequent guest at Texas book festivals and writers workshops. Please visit his website for a complete listing of his available works and upcoming appearances.

You can win you very own copy of South Austin Vampire by purchasing a raffle ticket during the BD2 premiere to benefit ALSF.

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