Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5th Annual Bella's Birthday Party

You are cordially invited to Austin TM's 5th Annual Bella's Birthday Bash.  

when:  Sat., Sept. 8, 2012  at 6 pm
where: Brick Oven Pizza at Brodie Lane (South Austin)  map

In addition to fun, food, and games, we will also have our gift swap. If you choose to participate in the swap, the theme is Bella's Scrapbook:  Precious Memories from the Twilight Series. Choose a favorite memory or scene from the series to create or buy a gift to represent.  Please do not spend over $10. 

Please RSVP below or to Lauralee/Candice/April, so we can have enough party favors for everyone. 


  1. You know I'll be there! Yay!

  2. wouldn't miss it see y'all there

  3. I just got an email from Patsy & Katie from Dallas they plan on attending the party.

  4. Me and Angie will be there.

  5. I have a 'yes' from Jacquece & her room mate Janelle. And me, Candice too. I'm thinking the 'anonymous' is Gina.