Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hot Monkey Graphic donates two 'Anti- Twilight' spoof tshirts to the ALSF fundraiser

Yeah, yeah we get it.

'Edward Cullen' isn't real. And you poor guys are sick to death of hearing 'Bella' whine. Think 'Edward' should just bite 'Bellas' head off already? Hot Monkey Graphics has the shirt for you!

Two hilarious Twilight spoof shirts by Hot Monkey Graphics have been contributed to the Austin Twilight Moms Breaking Dawn premiere and ALSF fundraiser event. Truth is, most Twilight fans have a sense of humor and would be tickled to have our Twi- Guy in a Twilight shirt, even if it's mocking us.

Hot Monkey Graphics line of 'Anti Twilight' spoof shirts are for those whose dislike goes beyond the indifference of being 'Team Switzerland'. They make shirts for the Twi- Guys who tolerate our swooning for fictional, sparkly vampires and for those who just don't give a #%@* about Twilight.

'Bella' first dreamed of 'Edward' after he saved her from a runaway van. Did your Twi- Guy rolls his eyes and secretly wish Tyler had better aim? He needs the "Team Guy Who Almost Hit Bella With a Truck" shirt by Hot Monkey Graphics.

Caught your wife or girlfriend photoshopping herself into a picture with 'Edward'? Send a subtle reminder with Hot Monkey Graphics - "Edward Cullen is a Fictional Character and he will NEVER Love You!" shirt.

Hot Monkey Graphics shirts aren't limited to poking fun at Twi- hards! Hot Monkey Graphics offers quirky, off-beat custom shirt designs inspired by cult classics, cartoons, politics, and more. Hot Monkey Graphics take pride in high-quality direct-to-garment digital imprinting and embroidery. Bacon Lovers? Big Bang Theory fan? Check, check. Got something snarky to say? Hot Monkey Gaphics welcomes custom orders!

Visit Hot Monkey Graphics Etsy shop www.etsy.com/shop/HotMonkeyGraphics

or web site http://www.hotmonkeygraphics.com/

*From now until Thanksgiving, Hot Monkey Graphics is donating all profits from the sale of Twilight spoof shirts to the Twilight Moms official charity, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! Buy any three shirts and receive free US priority shipping.*


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