Monday, November 7, 2011

Amazing Twilight inspired Chistmas ornamnets available for bids at Breaking Dawn premiere event November 17th!

Ms. Cecilia at Totally Obsessed has contributed a set of 6 hand painted glass ornaments to the Austin Twilight Moms Breaking Dawn premiere event and fundraiser You can bid on these ornaments as part of the "Twilight Christmas" auction basket with all proceeds going to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Four of the ornaments from Totally Obsessed are matte black glass and include the most amazing hand painted book cover images and titles. Ms. Cecilia has also included a clear glass "Why am I covered in feathers" ornament, filled with fluffy white feathers. The sixth ornament is a precious white glass ornament inspired by a line from Eclipse, "Penguins. Lovely." It features two tiny penguins on either side of a ferocious lion!

In addition to contributing to the "Twilight Christmas" auction basket, Ms. Cecilia had added a black "Team Switzerland" ornament with Bella's Bracelet painted wrapped around. Ms. Cecilia has paired the "Team Switzerland" ornament with a $50 gift certificate to her shop, Totally Obsessed!

Ms. Cecilia is a huge Twilight fan. She is a Momma to her very own Renesmee and Isabella. After searching for Twilight Christmas ornaments for her personal tree, and finding none, Ms. Cecilia decided to hand paint her own. With the encouragement of her husband, Totally Obsessed was formed!

Ms. Cecilia, a nail tech by trade; works closely with her sister, Ms. Sookie to run Totally Obsessed. Ms. Sookie is a student planning to enter the pediatric oncology filed. She acts as the PA for Totally Obsessed while Ms. Cecilia paints. Ms. Cecilia is the creative mind, and Ms. Sookie keeps her organized -what an amazing team they are!

The Totally Obsessed Twilight line is not limited to ornaments. They also offer hand painted Twilight acrylic nails! Totally Obsessed carries ornaments and hand painted beads inspired by many other YA book series, including Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, and more. Totally Obsessed also welcomes custom designs.

Totally Obsessed is having a Cyber Sale! Starting Novemeber 7th- 11th visit to see what the days special is. Each day will feature a new item and a new special. Each will be a limited run. So hurry over to visit Ms. Cecilia's shop, tell Sookie to study hard and order your hand painted ornaments today!

Here at Totally Obsessed we like to think being "Obsessed" isn't such a bad thing. Sometimes we just love what we love, what else is there to say.

For those of us who take obsession to a whole new level and where Totally Obsessed is a mild expression. Here you can obsess to your hearts content

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