Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Isle Esme is steaming up! Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing contributes class passes for two to the ALSF auction!

Ahhhhh- Isle Esme....

Edward's got some pillows to bite, headboards to bust, and nighties to shred! But why should he be the only one working up a sweat? Bella better learn some new tricks to wow that sparkly vampire! And there could be no better way to render Edward (or any living, breathing man) speechless than to surprise him with a pole dance!

Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing of Austin has contributed a pair of 4 Class Passes ($200 value) good for a group lesson for you and friend. Pole Dancing is an amazing total body workout. It tones up the whole body giving beautiful definition to the arms, thigh, abs and shoulders.

Hear what others have to say about Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing:


“Best Fantasy Fitness” - Austin Chronicle

“Austin’s Weirdest Form of Fitness!” – The Examiner

Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing is the only pole fitness studio in Austin that teaches the art of pole dancing to both male and female students. Brass Ovaries offers group classes, private lessons, pole parties and more.

Brass Ovaries offers group classes, private lessons, workshops, and private pole parties. Deciding which one to sign up for is entirely up to you.

Group classes are perfect for those who want to explore the art of pole dancing at a more economical rate. If you are planning a special performance or just looking to get into shape, private lessons may get you to your goals sooner.

Have a special event that calls for a celebration? Then one of our private pole parties is a perfect way for you and your friends to explore the art of pole dancing together.

The “Brass Ovaries Pole Dancers” are a group of women who perform as well as teach with backgrounds in gymnastics, personal training, theatre and dance. It’s truly an amazing group of girls!

Brass Ovaries dancers have performed in the New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience, KLBJ’s Annual Pleasure Fest, Green Steam Circus, as well as performed along side of local Austin band, Snake Skin Prison!

Please visit the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing website to learn about private lessons, group classes, girls night out parties, pole rentals, and more.


You can bid on the Brass Ovaries class passes as part of the "Honeymoon" basket at the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation auction on November 17th during the Austin TMs Breaking Dawn event in the iPic lounge. See you there!

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