Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fiction Addiction contributes 'Team Alice' and 'Team Jacob' tshirts to the ALSF fundraiser

Utah based Fiction Addictions has graciously provided two tshirts to the Austin Twilight Moms Breaking Dawn Event, one for the guys, and one for the ladies!

Guys love Alice. She's got great taste in cars. She's got spunk and is an absolute doll. Fiction Addictions "I LOVE ALICE" tshirt for guys is perfect for the Twiguy in your life.

The "Wolf Girl" shirt by Fiction Addictions will also be available as part of a 'Team Jacob' gift basket.

Ms. Lynda is a fan of the Twilight saga, Percy Jackson series, Fablehaven, and the 'I am Not a Serial Killer' series. She's decided to not disclose if she is a member of Team Jacob or Team Edward...maybe she is Switzerland! Ms. Lynda's true passion is graphic design. She also owns a company called 2Day Designs ( enables her to create her first Twilight inspired tshirts.

In August of 2008, Ms. Lynda made shirts for she and her family to wear for a Breaking Dawn book release party. They had admirers following them around the book store, asking for the shirts off their backs. By the end of the night, over 30 orders for custom 'Twilight' inspired shirts had been placed. And Fiction Addictions was born!

Fiction Addictions has since expanded to carry a complete selection of tshirts, buttons, stickers and other items inspired by popular authors such as; Aprilynne Pike (Wing series), Brandon Sanderson (Mistborne and Wheel of Time), John Brown (Servant of a Dark God), and Dan Wells (I am Not a Serial Killer series). Fiction Addiction actually makes all of the official swag for Dan Brown!

Ms. Lynda's favorite product in the Fiction Addiction current product list is a tie between the Twilight earrings, bracelet and Alice's dice. Fiction Addiction has about 100 pair of the limited edition 'I'm Betting on Alice" dice and Ms. Lynda loves them so much she is actually a little sad to see the go. But she is happy for them to find homes with fellow Alice lovers.

You can find Ms. Lynda and Fiction Addictions at many book and fan conventions, on their Etsy shop, website, and limited items available on the Twilight Moms website. They will also be a featured vendor at the Utah Twilight Moms Breaking Dawn Event.

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