Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Austin Etsy shop owner littlebittythings contributes to ALSF fundraiser

Austin Etsy crafters are awesome!

Sandy at littlebittythings, an Etsy shop based in right here in Austin, TX, has contributed an entire set of her 'wet bags' in a Twilight inspired red, black, and white floral 'Toni Fancy' print.

'Wet Bags' are lined with waterproof material making them perfect for packing up life's little messes...They come in three different sizes, each perfect for a different job. Packing away wet baby stuff. Your soggy gym clothes. For storing those tiny 3oz travel size shampoos.

littlebittythings also offers receiving blankets and burp cloths. Each is made with love and includes details such as logo tags, care instructions, wrist straps, and a hang tag telling you all about your item.

Please visit littlebittythings and show Sandy your love!


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