Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~Etsy seller Scents Of Twilight contribute to the ALSF baskets~

Shannon, the owner of 'Brown Road Candle Co.' in BC Canada has donated an assortment of Twilight inspired soy candles and room sprays to the "Wedding/ Honeymoon" theme auction baskets for ALSF!

As a Twilight fan herself, Shannon spent months analyzing the detailed description of scents in Twilight. She blended and tested to perfection, capturing the 'true to Twilight' fragrances, each intoxicating, relaxing, or uplifiting into soy candles and fragrance sprays. What better way to indulge in a vampire/werewolf love story while the scents come alive around you?

Her company is the first soy candle company to offer a complete line of twelve scents and are still the best!

Scents of Twilight soy candles are made with organic soy wax & high quality premium fragrance oils. The wicks are lead free paper cotton.
Home fragrance sprays are made with skin safe ingredients and contain no alcohol.

Bella - 'Radiant'
Edward -'Dazzling'
Jacob - 'Earthbound Sun'
Alice - 'Pixie'
Victoria - 'Vixen'
Renesmee - 'Adorable'
Forks Forest
La Push
The Meadow
The Wedding
Esme's Island
Home Sweet Cottage

Please visit Shannon's Etsy shop, Scents of Twilight, shop, and show her some love!


Thank you Shannon!

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