Saturday, August 20, 2011

Order your BD premiere party tix today!

Two step order process:
1.  Send money for tickets to Paypal  using "personal payment" to

2.  Forward Paypal receipt with number and level of seats, along with name to hold tickets under, to

Every ticket gets:  2 Raffle Tickets,  Popcorn or Candy, Wedding Bubbles, Event
                                    Keepsake, & a Drink      (water/ soda/ beer/ wine).

Premium Level seating:  leather theater seating in lower half of theater     ($26)
                                      includes in-theater dining service  (see menu)
Premium Plus seating:  Plush recliners in upper half of theater                  ($36)
                                     includes in-theater dining service  (see menu)
                                     blanket, pillow, and storage space
                                     spaciously grouped in pairs

Contact us at


  1. folks the email for Paypal is wrong

  2. if you did the wrong email (sorry), then you can still go back to paypal and cancel payment, then resend to corrected email account.