Monday, June 28, 2010

More Raffle Bags

Thank you to a wonderful friend of mine, author Shannon Delany, who's donated us to our raffles for ALS. Shannon's debut book, 13 To Life went on sale last week and I highly recommend it. It's a great YA paranormal book with werewolves. If you took the Cullen family relationship, turned them into wolves and gave them a Russian heritage, you'd have the wolves from 13 To Life.

Here's the two raffle bags and all the books are signed EXCEPT Breaking Dawn.

See you guys TOMORROW NIGHT!! We can't wait.

*big plush wolf is NOT included in the raffles. He's part of a ransom that we'll be doing
during tonight's chat w/ Shannon on Mundie Moms, to support wolf conservation.*

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi everyone! We can't believe the movie comes out next week! We can't wait to see it with all of you. Please be sure to read our regulations for movie night:

** Please note that we CAN NOT start lining up UNTIL 9:45 pm. This per the Alamo Draft House. We will begin seating at 10:30 pm for our 12:01 showing. One of our Twilight Moms will be there to start the line.

** Please be sure most of your group is with you when you are seated, as group seats will NOT allowed to be saved. ( If you have a group of 20 and you need to save seats for 7 people, that's fine. What's not allowed is two people waiting in line to save a whole row. We had a lot of problems and complaints about this last year and had to pull in chairs due to people saving seats and then not using all the seats).

** We will have a wait staff provided by the Alamo Draft House. Food and drinks are NOT part of your paid ticket, and are extra.

** NO cameras or videos are allowed into the theater. Please know that if you're caught with them, you will escorted from the showing and you will NOT receive a refund.

** Please make sure YOU HAVE YOUR TICKET. You don't have your ticket, you will not get in. IF a name has changed on the ticket, please let us know, as we will have a list w/ everyone's name on it, and if someone tries to enter who's name is not on the list, they will NOT be allowed in. This is a private event and only those names on the list will be allowed to enter.

** We have wonderful raffle baskets for The Alex Lemonade Stand. Raffle tickets are $1 and 100% of the proceeds goes to ALS. CASH only for the raffle tickets.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you next week. *sorry for the all caps, we want to make sure everyone saw the regulations for movie night. :D

Thank you,
Katie and Jennifer

Sunday, June 20, 2010

$1 ALS Raffles Baskets!!!

We have some amazing Twilight Moms who have all come together to make these beautiful raffle baskets to help support Alex's Lemonade Stand (the official Twilight Moms charity). 100% of all the proceeds go straight to ALS.

Tickets will be $1!! Tickets will be on sale the night of the movie release and are only available to those in attendance for the movie. All winners must be present to win. The winners will be announced right before Eclipse will be shown. *CASH ONLY for the tickets*

Twilight Basket:
Twilight puzzle
Matchbox shiny silver Volovo C30
Twilight custom jewelry set (charm bracelt & earrings)
handmade Bella paper doll
Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods lotion and body spray
Twilight button pack (6)
journal (handmade)
"Team Charlie" shirt- L
Cullen crest necklace
Twilight note pad
Twilight trading cards (3)

New Moon Basket:
NECA New Moon lunchbox & thermos
New Moon party plates (8)
New Moon napkins (16)
hand stamped New Moon gift bag
New Moon sticker pack (4sheets)
New Moon lenticular cup
New Moon photo pen
dream catcher key chain
New Moon wolf pack poster
New Moon Forks High key chain (2)
New Moon theme custom jewelry set
Jacob Black lip balm (cherry pie)
New Moon sweethearts
New Moon Edward shirt (Jrs XXL @ 13)

Eclipse Basket:
Forks High School Spartans binder set w/
Spartans notebook
Spartans pen set
Spartans pencil case
Eclipse cast poster
Team Edward/ Team Jacob pillowcase
Scentsy car candle
key chain
Eclipse movie logo tshirt (Jr L)
Eclipse custom jewelry set ( bracelet w/ piano, apple, engagement ring, crystal heart charms & earrings)
custom journal
Wolf pack tattoo necklace
Bellas charm bracelet (wooden wolf & crystal heart)
Jasper book mark
Jasper charm

Breaking Dawn Basket:
Isle Esme sleep set (hand dyed boxers & tank, w/ crystal Isle Esme lettering on tank & hand painted cullen crest on boxers- XL)
"Renesmee" charm book ribbon (baby girl charms and crystals)
Cullen crest key chain
"Why am I covered in feathers" pillowcase
Scentsy travel tin
"wedding favor"
Isle Esme custom jewelry set (bracelet w/ heart clasp & w/ engagement ring, bride/groom, dolphin, "I do", heart charms & earrings)
Bath & Body Works Orange Sapphire lotion & bath gel
Free photo session with Austin photographer and TwilightMom- Nicole Whelan

Edward Basket:
Stephenie Meyer "Female Force" comic, signed by author
Edward barbie
Bath & Body Works Irresistible Apple body cream
Scentsy Plug- in warmer
Scentsy scent block- "Inner Peace"
Matchbox "shiny silver" Volvo C30

Thank you so much to Candice W. for working so hard on these amazing raffle baskets. Thank you to everyone who donated to them. There's been a few additions than what's in the pictures. They are all wrapped up and look amazing.

We've added Alex Lemonade swag to each basket- Thank you to Jennifer!!

I borrowed these pictures from Candice (prior to them being wrapped up).