Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TM's get together! Launter Is Legal To Love

Lautner is Legal to Love, is the theme of the party to celebrate his birthday and Valenitnes Day.
This will be hosted by Candice, Nancy, Amy and Miranda
It will be on Friday, Feb. 12 @ 7 p.m.
It will be held at Amy Rhoads house
WHAT To Bring
It will be b.y.o.b. (any kind of beverage)
Also potluck so everybody will need to volunteer to bring a dish, we will also be providing dishes.

We need everyone to R.S.V.P by the 6th. So we will make sure we have enough goodies for everyone that s coming. Please leave a comment with your RSVP.

*If everyone could also bring their lanyard with them that would help.
**We also want to do a gift exchange with a $5 limit-Taylor/Jacob related &/or Valentine related.

**Amy's husband has offered to stay and be bartender so if anyone has special drinks they like they can bring the fixins and he will make it.


  1. I am planning on coming. Is there a theme to the food?

  2. The food theme is Taylor/Jacob realted, you get points for creativity, lol! Once you decide what you want you can send me a message on FB so I can seewhat the menu is shaping up to be like.
    For any one whom I may not be friends with yet I'm Nancy Little-Graefe. so please feel free to friend me.

  3. i will be there for sure! gonna look for my lanyard, but im pretty sure its in storage with 98% of my life :( nancy i will FB you when i know what im bringing.

  4. Hi ladies. This is Kristi (newbie) from RR. I would love to go to this TM party. It would be my first. Although my hubby thinks I'm crazy to want to go meet up with strangers (no offense)....but he'll never understand my love for Twilight.
    I see it's Feb. 12th but where??
    What should I bring?
    Explain lanyard???

  5. Hi Kristi we'd love for you to come. Most of our Hubby's were the same way but now think its nice we have each other so they dont always have to get dragged to things dealing in Twilight. My name is Nancy I'm the contact for the party so please give me a call at 698-7385 and I can give you more details.