Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Moon Goodybags!!!!

We are so excited about these goody bags!! We will be handing them to those who bought them prior to Thursday's showing when you check in with your ticket.

Here's what will be in them:
-A handpainted New Moon themed canvas draw string bag
- Necklace w/ sand from our trip to LaPush
-Post card from LaPush
-New Moon themed candy
-New Moom themed chap stick
-Alex Lemonade Stand/Twilight Moms button
- Our New Moon Movie Experience/New Moon magnets
-Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods lotion

*there's one item missing that will be surprise*
The picture shows everything that will be included in the clear bag that will be in the canvas bag.

These were sold out prior to tickets being sold out and we do not have any more goody bags. Only the specified number where made. We will be raffling 1 goody bag off for The Alex Lemonade Stand the night of the movie. We'll be posting about the raffle and the movie night shortly.