Friday, July 10, 2009


Please, please, please to make my life a bit easier, in the TM name area put your name and the names of any others you are buying the tickets for.
I am writing the names on the tickets and I can't send them out until I get the names.

Thanks! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We've now opened up ticket sales to the friends and family. PLEASE get your tickets or let us know how many you want. We want to make sure TM's get tickets to this event.

FYI-if you refer someone to get tickets, they HAVE TO PUT your TM name down. If we get people who aren't referencing a Twilight Mom name, they will NOT get their ticket. We will refund their money. This is very important. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Moon Midnight Release - More Info!!

Katie and I had an inital planning meeting tonight and boy, did we figure out a lot of stuff. As we all know, Katie is AH-MAZ-ING at writing rules. I suck. So, she will come here and explain all the official rules, but here is what is important for the moment.

Thanks to the economy, the base price for tickets is going to be $15. Since Paypal takes charges out of every transaction, any PP tickets will be $16.
So here is our solution.
Katie and I split the tickets up this year. We have 140 seats (same as last year) and each of us will get 70 seats. If you want to pay cash (and cash only!!), go to Katie. If you don't care about an extra dollar, come to me for Paypal.
New thing this year, we are going to give out tickets with each seat. These tickets will be numbered and you must keep these tickets to be able to get in the night of!! Katie will give you your ticket when you hand her the cash, I will email them to you, so you must print them out for the night.

Goodie Bags? Of course! $10 again - we are still finalizing what will be in these at the moment. More information to come. Katie will have 10 of these for cash purchasing, and I will have 15. We will shuffle accordingly.

The ticket purchasing area will be up soon!
Also, please note this is a PRIVATE party and Katie and myself have the right to refuse to sell tickets to anyone. There will be a section for TM name, there put your name and all the members of your party.

**ALSO-we're opening ticket sales up to TM's FIRST!!! I've got a lot of people who aren't TM's who want tickets, and I feel it's only right and fair to go to TM's first then open it up to everyone. Please note NO SEATS WILL BE RESERVED for any reason. This caused us problems last year and we're not doing it this year.

We're looking forward to doing this again and we'll you guys updated as the time gets closer. (Katieb)

A few more rules!
1. All cash or Paypal! NO CHECKS! NO E-CHECKS!
2. We are NOT holding seats! You get your seat when you pay!
3. Your ticket is your way in! Do not lose it!!
4. These tickets are NON REFUNDABLE!!!

Please note this is a Twilight Moms event. 18 years and older and if under 18, they most be accompanied by an adult (this is Draft House Rules).