Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brunch on April 25th is Cancelled

We have lots of ladies that for various reason have had to cancel so we are going to reschedule. What weekend in May looks good? Post either here or on our TM thread and we will see if we can get a date that will work better. Maybe a pre-Mother's day gathering?? What about the Saturday of Mother's day? We would like to make sure that everyone who wants to come can.

Also, for anyone not going to TwiCon, we are talking about a get-together that weekend to lament together. If you are interested, post here or in our TM thread.


  1. The weekend of the 23-24th we will be at the coast. My oldest keeps begging to go to the beach. So other than that I am open. I think the saturday before mothersday would be GREAT! Let me know!

  2. I can do that saturday, if we do something earlier - I have a stunts workshop from 1-5pm in Austin.. Also, I may be able to do something on May 16th, but not sure what time - I have a cast rehearsal and photo shoot for the movie I'm doing this summer... I'm also free on May 17th...

  3. I'm open any Saturday. I'm excited to see you guys!