Sunday, March 1, 2009

More party details!

- soda, juice
- alcohol (BYOB)

- appetizers and munchies (snack foods)
- salad and dressing
- entree (Marissa is making lasagna)
- dessert (Marissa might be making red velvet cupcakes)

Decorations/ Party Favors
- Marissa will be getting some, but bring anything you want!
- Guestbook? Something to sign in with.

- Marissa is open to ideas on anything else

RSVP List so far:
April (with 2 guests)
Lauralee (and Annabella?)

Comment to RSVP, if you haven't already and say if you are going to bring something and what it is.


  1. I'll help you make the food and decorate the house girlie!

  2. I'll be there...I am bringing several bottles of wine (a few different types)and something else food wise. Can't say if I will need a place to crash yet.

  3. I'll be there!! I can help you with whatever you need, and I can make something food wise.

  4. Hey it's Gena aka mrsedwardcullen1901

    I am going to try to come. I will bring desert. I will have a better idea next week!

  5. I don't know if I'll be there until the week of. We're suppose to be out of town that weekend, but things might change. I'll let you know for sure that week.

  6. I am definitely going to be there ... can't wait to see everyone! (emogirl82)

  7. Hey ladies! I will definantly be there! We are doing a mini vaca next week but I convinced hubby that we'll go to the ShinerBock museum if he lets me do this LOL! So Marissa email me and let me know ANYTHING you need. I can do decorations anything! And I may very well be crashing there LOL. Still have to convince the hubby on that one! YAY! I can't wait to see you all and especially you Candice!

  8. Yay!!!
    This is going great so far!
    Here's the list...
    1 - Candice (drinks & some decorations)
    2 - Deja (drinks & party set up)
    3 - Eve & her sister (Dessert)
    4 - Lauralee
    5 - April and maybe 2 friends
    6 - Aimee(food stuff,maybe chips/veggies&dip)
    7- Jennifer
    8 - Gena (maybe)
    9 - Katie (maybe)


  9. ummm- I hadn't planned to bring decor but I can if you need. I am fo sho bringing wine, and I thought about bruschetta and mini pizzas or something. You guys prefer warm bruschetta? Or I can do a treat.

  10. I will bring the salad and a bottle of wine - I was thinking about making homemade Sangria if some of you like it.

    Also I will have 2 friends and a third may be joining also. One of my friends is bringing her garlic bread.

    I thought I would bring some of those stick on name tags to help out-I am going to try to preprint them - we will see if I have time. Also I have a party favor or two in mind.

  11. Yay !!! Sangria & salad is awesome! Name-tags would be great... let me know if you need me to have supplies or markers here for names... :)

  12. I dug some stuff out of the birthday box and came up and black knapkins and a casino theme napkin holder (Alice!), red and black streamers, and silver foily things, red and black balloons ( I have a mini helium tank too). Also a 'red carpet' and hollywood theme plates (big and small). Oh- and a big roll of red plastic table cover, not very fancy but- can use it if want...what else do we NEED?

  13. YAY! :) you girls are fabulous :)

  14. K add garlic bread to my to do.. if you girls are luckyI'll have time (while up at midnight for the release and the sleep over with my sis) to make it from scratch!

  15. Please send me your screen names and real names so that I can make name tags for everyone. I need them by Friday.

  16. Twilight DVD Release - remember, this is BYOB (or other beverage lol) and also bring a munchie or snack - desserts have already been taken care of. THANKS!

    Attending - FINAL
    1 – Lauralee (plus 2) (TM: Lauralee)
    2 – Annabella (TM Annabella)
    3 – Deja …staying (TM Dejacullen)
    4 – Aimee …staying (TM threethings)
    5 – Candice …staying (TM thegoodgirlgrewup)
    6 – Gena …staying (mrsedwardcullen1901)
    7 – April (plus 2-3) (TwilightTINK)
    8 – Kelly (my neighbor) not a TM
    9 – Sandra …staying (Ladyshanji)?? check this
    10 – Eve …staying (LadyEve)
    11 - Katie (maybe) (KatieB)

    So far – 16, including myself…

  17. I talked to Katie on FB and she said she's unable to make it :-(
    Just wanted to give a heads up!

  18. I know, I'm so bummed I won't be there!! SNIFF, SNIFF!! I'm so sorry I have to miss this. I was looking forward to hanging out w/ everyone too.