Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make sure everyone PM's Twilight Tink your name and TM screen name asap

Twilight Tink (april) is doing name tags for this weekend. PLEASE pm her your TM screen name and name asap. :)

Thank you!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More party details!

- soda, juice
- alcohol (BYOB)

- appetizers and munchies (snack foods)
- salad and dressing
- entree (Marissa is making lasagna)
- dessert (Marissa might be making red velvet cupcakes)

Decorations/ Party Favors
- Marissa will be getting some, but bring anything you want!
- Guestbook? Something to sign in with.

- Marissa is open to ideas on anything else

RSVP List so far:
April (with 2 guests)
Lauralee (and Annabella?)

Comment to RSVP, if you haven't already and say if you are going to bring something and what it is.