Friday, January 23, 2009

FEB Get Together

Since everyone picked different Saturdays for our get together, we wanted to do a poll to see which Saturday would work best OR if a Thrusday/Friday night would be better.

Check on the side bar and vote!! :)


  1. Yeah, I know. I'm a Loser! My husband is not here so I will be alone for Valentines Day! ugh!

  2. Just a thought from me, driving into Austin on a Friday night is going to be tough from Kyle depending on the final location. Leaving on a Saturday my husband is going to really start questioning my sanity. Wish more people could've made a weeknight other than Friday than it could be 'networking' event for me LOL! I just check back for the final decision and hope I can make it as I have yet to do.

  3. well - if it winds up being on another night - we can do a "north cen tex" get together - on fri, feb 13th... maybe Salado? we can walk, shop, eat, chat, etc....
    make it casual, whoever wants to come....

    and do the big get together on whichever day gets the most votes...