Friday, October 24, 2008

Incase you didn't get the email that was sent out

Hello Everyone!

We've now got the blog up and running and the paypal account. (Thank you Jennifer for all the help!!!)

We will be updating the blog often and ask that you please keep checking it out. Just a few things to remind you guys about.

As of right now at 11 pm tonight, I have a list of 112 of people who say they'll be coming, that includes those who have told me they've got friends/family who will be joining us. I've also had people drop off the list. Our ticket price is based on the total seats in the venue, which brings our cost to $10 a ticket, which includes the ticket and the price of the venue rental. The Draft House has really hooked us up, big time. I really need to make sure those that said they're coming are serious. Please forward this info to your family and friends who want to come.

I also have a list of "Maybe" people who want to come. Please remind everyone that seats will not be held for the "maybe" list. Once the seats are sold out, they're sold out. NO tickets will be sold at the door and we need to have the tickets paid for by NOV 7th. Please still spread the word.

There's a link on the blog to make it easier for you to pay via Pay Pal. Please note we had to add a dollar fee to cover our fees for transferring the money. I also know many of you and have already arranged with me to collect cash from you. That's totally fine to do so. Unless I personally know, I won't be accepting personal checks. Sorry about that. We are keeping a list of those you have paid. There will also be a list at the door and it will be checked. :) This is not to "babysit" you guys as it is to keep those who aren't invited out.

Again, these need to be paid for by Nov 7th.

This is listed at as Twilight Moms event, though many coming aren't Twilight Moms and that's totally fine. It's not being made public by the Draft House, though we have it listed on our Twilight Moms forum. Again, everyone is going through me so I'm keeping track of what's going on and who's attending. :)

We look forward to having everyone come.

The Movie is playing at the Alamo Draft House-Lake Creek location
We'll meet up at 11:30 or 11:45 pm or whenever on Thursday Nov 20th. The movie starts at 12:01 am Nov 21st.
Please also note that food/drinks are served Draft House Style and that everyone who orders has their own tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Katie Bartow


  1. Help!
    I am on the guest list (via Holly Powers via Angela Bare), but my fiance isn't. I tried to buy his ticket here but the paypal option doesn't seem to be working. I would like to help him realize his dream of being the only man who in the should we proceed?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. Never mind, I got it!

    See you there!