Monday, November 10, 2008


We are SOLD OUT of tickets!!

Thank you everyone for helping spread the word.

Please remember that we don't get seated until 11:45 pm on THURSDAY NOV 20th

The movie will start at 12:01 am

After the movie is over we need to not sit around and visit as we have the theater rented out from the time the movie is run.

We'll be in theater 6 and we'll have a line for the our private showing for everyone to line up in.

Afterwards various groups had talked about meeting up at Dennys and IHop. I don't know anything else on that, as I didn't plan that. I'm sure we'll hear more details at the showing.

Also, we'll be doing a raffle that night too for some fun Twilight goodies.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just so we are all clear...

There is an extension through this Wednesday, the 12th for tickets to be sold.
We don't want to have anyone have to pay more than the 10 bucks so we hope we can sell out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More tickets available

THANK YOU for all your patience on the numbers you guys. We had a few different lists and then our numbers weren't adding up as some people on the lists couldn't make it to the premiere and then there were more people getting tickets we weren't aware of, which is totally fine. We had to get all of our ducks in a row.

SO, now that everything matches up, please feel free to spread the word on tickets. Due to the incident yesterday no more tickets will be held and no more cash will be accepted. Everything needs to be done through Pay Pal and once the tickets are gone, they're gone.

Thank you again you guys. We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the movie. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New buying rules

Due to the massive confusion we are letting the tickets go on sale now...

First come, first served!


Please NOTE if you do not put who invited you then your money will be refunded and you won't have a ticket to the movie. We need to do as this is a private event and there will be check in prior to coming into the theater. If your first and last name are not on it, you won't get it. Please be sure we get both names.

Tickets off again

We are swamped!

They will be back up later tonight.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ticket Sales are back up!

We have 80 seats left and one goodie bag!

Thank you so much for waiting!
Sorry for the inconvenience!

I am just getting better and better at this!

The buying process SHOULD be easier now!

No extra emails are required!
Hopefully the text box will let you fill in everything you need to fill in!


The Two Different Twilight Commercials

Commercial #1

Commercial #2

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost Sold Out...

Hey Everyone,

To answer a few more questions:
We're about sold out from those who have said they were coming. It will come down to first come first serve on those who buy tickets. PLEASE make sure you get your tickets as that's all that guarantees you entry to the movie. Just because people have said they are coming, doesn't mean they will. If those on the "maybe" list wait to get tickets and they're all sold out, I'm sorry but you'll be out of luck.
**ALSO! Check the number over to the right! -> That's being tediously kept up to date by Jennifer!**


The answer is NO to both. We are NOT holding seats for anyone. :) All tickets need to be paid by Nov 7th. NO tickets will be sold at the door.

By either going through PayPal or getting me the cash in hand.

Is there an age limit?
Under 18 are welcome as long as they're with a guardian or parent


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Refinement of the process

When you buy your ticket send an email to

When you do, please include:
- your TM username, or the TM who invited you
- names of guests you are buying a tickets for, they need to go on the List too.
- if multiple tickets are purchased with a goodie bag, specify who the goodie bag is for

Hopefully, I've covered all the bases, but I am sure I'll need to update this as we go.
Glitches are fun, aren't they?


Friday, October 24, 2008

Incase you didn't get the email that was sent out

Hello Everyone!

We've now got the blog up and running and the paypal account. (Thank you Jennifer for all the help!!!)

We will be updating the blog often and ask that you please keep checking it out. Just a few things to remind you guys about.

As of right now at 11 pm tonight, I have a list of 112 of people who say they'll be coming, that includes those who have told me they've got friends/family who will be joining us. I've also had people drop off the list. Our ticket price is based on the total seats in the venue, which brings our cost to $10 a ticket, which includes the ticket and the price of the venue rental. The Draft House has really hooked us up, big time. I really need to make sure those that said they're coming are serious. Please forward this info to your family and friends who want to come.

I also have a list of "Maybe" people who want to come. Please remind everyone that seats will not be held for the "maybe" list. Once the seats are sold out, they're sold out. NO tickets will be sold at the door and we need to have the tickets paid for by NOV 7th. Please still spread the word.

There's a link on the blog to make it easier for you to pay via Pay Pal. Please note we had to add a dollar fee to cover our fees for transferring the money. I also know many of you and have already arranged with me to collect cash from you. That's totally fine to do so. Unless I personally know, I won't be accepting personal checks. Sorry about that. We are keeping a list of those you have paid. There will also be a list at the door and it will be checked. :) This is not to "babysit" you guys as it is to keep those who aren't invited out.

Again, these need to be paid for by Nov 7th.

This is listed at as Twilight Moms event, though many coming aren't Twilight Moms and that's totally fine. It's not being made public by the Draft House, though we have it listed on our Twilight Moms forum. Again, everyone is going through me so I'm keeping track of what's going on and who's attending. :)

We look forward to having everyone come.

The Movie is playing at the Alamo Draft House-Lake Creek location
We'll meet up at 11:30 or 11:45 pm or whenever on Thursday Nov 20th. The movie starts at 12:01 am Nov 21st.
Please also note that food/drinks are served Draft House Style and that everyone who orders has their own tab.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Katie Bartow

Twilight Movie Premiere Info!

Oh, boy, this is complicated.


Ok, we have TWO options for payment at the moment.
Ticket - $10
Goodie Bag - $10

1) If you live in the Austin area and want to pay cash, contact Katieb.

2) You can pay through Paypal here. However, thanks to fee charges, there is a $2 processing fee.
A standard ticket is $11 and with a goodie bag is $22.
The link is over to the right.

We are going to have a 'first come, first served' thing with people who pay. Katie and I will be keeping lists and in contact with how many seats are available.
We will post when we are coming down to the final seats, etc.
ALSO! When you purchase your ticket, you will be asked for your TM screen name, or who of the TMs can vouch for you.
We are trying to keep this private after all... :)



Right now we are in test mode as Jennifer figures out Blogspot.

But this will be the future site of all Austin TM events, information and everything!